A scene from an iconic 1988 anime that predicted Tokyo 2020 trends online in Japan

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(CNN) — As speculation mounts over the fate of the Summer Olympics, a scene from iconic 1988 anime film “Akira,” which notoriously predicted Tokyo 2020, has started trending online.

In the scene, a signboard counting down to the Tokyo Olympics shows there are only 147 days to go. Underneath it, there's some graffiti in white — the Japanese words “chuushida," meaning “just cancel it.”

“Just cancel it” has now gone viral on Japanese Twitter. Coincidentally, last Friday marked exactly 147 days until the official start of the Olympics, which is due to kick off on July 24.

"Akira" is a popular science-fiction manga — a Japanese word for a comic or graphic novel — that was created in 1982 by Japanese artist Katsuhiro Otomo.

The story follows biker gang leader Shotaro Kaneda as he battles to save his friend from a secret government program that conducts tests on psychic children.

In 1988, Otomo released "Akira" as an anime film so detailed and intricate that it took animators years to hand-paint each of the single shots to bring the story to life. The film is now widely considered a cult classic which helped expand anime's reach in the US and Europe.

This story was first published on cnn.com, "A scene from an iconic 1988 anime that predicted Tokyo 2020 has begun trending online in Japan"