Pacquiao: Mayweather didn't do anything

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(CNN Philippines) — Floyd Mayweather, Jr. kept his immaculate slate intact after eking out a far-from-thrilling unanimous decision win over Manny Pacquiao in their blockbuster welterweight megafight at the glitzy MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday, May 2 (Sunday, May 3, PHT).

There were three official scorecards that said the 38-year-old Mayweather won: one 118-110, and two 116-112.

But while the victory unified the world welterweight championship, it failed to convince the disappointed boxing fans who believed Pacquiao should have won the bout and not Mayweather.

The post-fight mood of the 16,507 crowd inside the MGM Grand Arena, the loud boos that reverberated from Las Vegas all to way to the Philippines when Mayweather’s name was announced, and the mostly disappointed posts from stunned netizens in social media were also enough proof that the biggest and richest fight in boxing history was far from convincing that even Pacquiao himself doubted the result.

“I thought I won the fight,” said Pacquiao. “He didn’t do anything.”

The CompuBox numbers, however, say otherwise.

According to its stats, Mayweather was the better fighter overall as he was able to control the majority of the fight with his jab, movement inside the ring, and defense. He threw a total of 435 punches and landed 148 for a 34% connection accuracy.

Pacquiao, in contrast, threw 429 punches and landed only 81 (19%).

Unofficial scores from the CNN Philippines Online team, meanwhile, had it 116-111 for Pacquiao, and like most of the fans, judged the fight on the unquantifiable standards that Pacquiao put up overall rather than statistics.

CNN PH round-by-round unofficial scorecard:

Round 1: Mayweather answered the opening bell aggressively and was able to sneak in a few blows on Pacquiao in the early goings. (Mayweather, 10-9)

Round 2: Pacquiao came back strong as he managed to corner Mayweather on three occasions. Floyd had a hard time countering Manny’s barrage of jabs which the Filipino took advantage of. (Pacquiao, 10-9)

Round 3: Pacquiao again was on the offensive – landing two quick left jabs at Mayweather’s body. Floyd tried to use the ring to his advantage but his pesky opponent kept on charging. Manny’s aggressive stance kept the action going of what would have been a boring round. (Pacquiao, 10-9)

Round 4: This was clearly Pacquiao’s round, hurting Mayweather with his flurries of punches. The crowd went wild, cheering and egging on Manny to hit the American more. (Pacquiao, 10-8)

Round 5: Mayweather surprisingly bounced back this time, his shots landing effectively on its target and even appeared to have hurt the Filipino a bit at one point. (Mayweather, 10-9)

Round 6: Another Pacquiao round, pummeling Mayweather with numerous combinations coming from all angles. Mayweather failed to answer the blistering fistic attack and resorted to running most of the round. (Pacquiao, 10-9)

Round 7: Mayweather’s turn to attack this time. He dictated the fight by keeping most of the action away from the rope. The two traded punches on a couple of occasions with Mayweather hitting his target more. (Mayweather, 10-9)

Round 8: Pacquiao answered the bell aggressively and was on attack mode almost the entire round. He threw in a few unanswered combinations here and there, missing some but enough to win the round. (Pacquiao, 10-9)

Round 9: Pacquiao again on the attack mode, engaging Mayweather at least twice especially at the end of the round. Very close round, with Pacquiao’s aggressiveness eventually earning him the checkmark on our scorecard. (Pacquiao, 10-9)

Round 10: Both appeared a little tired and provided very little action to excite the fans. Mayweather, however, countered less and seemed content on just putting up a defense. (Pacquiao, 10-9)

Round 11: Mayweather decided to change the fight’s tempo as he unleashed his fistic fury against Pacquiao. Manny tried to counter but Mayweather refused to take the bait and stayed at the center of the ring. (Mayweather, 10-9)

Round 12: Both fighters spent the final round just trading jabs, going for scores as the final bell ended. (Pacquiao, 10-9)