LIST: Areas outside Metro Manila impose travel restrictions due to COVID-19

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, March 15) – Several areas outside of Metro Manila have issued travel restrictions to stem the spread of COVID-19.

Restrictions began as early as Saturday, March 14, in some areas as authorities continued to report a rise in COVID-19 cases in the country. On Thursday, 15 new cases were recorded, bringing the country's total number of COVID-19 cases to 217 with 17 deaths.

Here is a list of areas which have imposed travel restrictions, along with other specific directives.


Effective Monday, March 16: No entry of all persons entering by sea and air.

Exempted: Residents of and those working in Aklan; persons involved in the delivery of goods and commodities; medical doctors and returning medical personnel in the province; government officials. More details here.


Effective Wednesday, March 18: Restricted entry via land, air and sea.

Exempted: Cargoes of basic and essential goods.


Effective Sunday, March 15: Travel ban on foreign and local tourist and non-residents who will enter the province.

Exempted: Those who will deliver food, basic commodities, non-residents who will provide basic services and public utilities, government officials with authoritzed transactions, and those travelling for medical and humanitarian reasons.

Other reminders: Tourists, travelers and visitors in the province are advised to leave the area as soon as possible. More details here.


Effective Sunday, March 15: All land, air, sea travel to and from the city is restricted.


Effective Monday, March 16: Travel to the province is restricted.

Exempted: Only residents, workers, and those who need to attend to obligations and urgent matters as determined by the provincial health office will be allowed entry.


Effective Sunday, March 15: Classes and school activities in all levels are suspended until April 14.

Public transport over land and sea within the province is still available for workers.


Effective Saturday, March 21 until March 28: Entry to and exit from the municipality is not allowed

Other reminders: All access in Barangay Bical Norte will be closed. Residents are restricted to their homes. The Health Department earlier confirmed a person from the barangay succumbed to COVID-19.


Effective Monday, March 16: Suspension of domestic and international air and sea travel to the province

Other reminders: All foreign vessels are banned in all ports of entry, crew are also not allowed to disembark


Effective Thursday, March 19: Restricted movement. Residents may only go out to buy necessities or for work.

Exemption: Cargo movement to and from the city is unhampered. More details here.


Effective Sunday, March 15: No entry of flights from Metro Manila and Dumaguete City.

Effective Monday, March 16: No entry of flights from Cagayan de Oro, Legazpi City, and Clark International Airport; travelers arriving at Pier 1 and all seaports in Samboan and Santander.

Effective Tuesday, March 17: No entry of all domestic passengers from domestic airports; travelers arriving at Pier 1 and all seaports of Toledo, Tuburan, Tabuelan and Tangil.

Effective Wednesday, March 18: No entry of travelers arriving in all other seaports within the province.

Other reminders: Delivery of cargo entering Cebu will not be impeded. Shipping personnel or crew shall not be allowed to disembark if the ship is from Luzon, Cagayan De Oro, Legazpi City and Dumaguete City. More details here.


Effective Sunday, March 15: Domestic travel, both by air and sea, to and from Coron is suspended. All residents are prohibited from traveling out of the municpality.

Exemptions: Residents may be allowed to leave in cases of emergency or other special reasons. Short-term guests will be requested to leave within two days while arriving residents or long-term visitors will have to undergo quarantine for 14 days. Social gatherings are also prohibited.


Effective Sunday, March 15: No entry of all flights from Clark Airport. More details here.


Effective Sunday, March 15: All individuals exhibiting COVID-19 symptons will be denied entry.

Other reminders: All cruise ships and commercial shipments are banned.


Effective Sunday, March 15: No travelers will be allowed into the province.

Exempted: Government workers, medical personnel, health officials, humanitarian workers who will travel to the province. Residents of Iloilo City traveling to and from the province.


Effective Saturday, March 14: Land and sea travel are banned.


Effective Wednesday, March 17: Non-residents cannot enter the city.

Exempted: PNP and AFP officials on official travel, officials on board government vehicles, treasurers from other local governments on board a government vehicle


Effective Sunday, March 15: Ports and terminals temporarily closed to non-residents.

Exempted: Non-residents who work within the municipality and residents who work outside of the municipality will be allowed entry upon presentation of an ID.

Other reminders: Festivals, events, activities, mass gatherings are cancelled and/or suspended. Classes in all levels, public and private are suspended from March 15 to March 29.


Effective Sunday, March 15: All domestic, air travel to and from Puerto Princesa City are suspended.

Other reminders: Classes in all levels are suspended from March 14 to March 21


Effective Monday, March 16: Tourism and other related activities are suspended until further notice.

Other reminders: Transport service providers are required to have all passengers fill out a health declaration form. Returning residents and non-residents working in the province must show IDs or proof of residency before being allowed to enter.

Effective Sunday, March 15: No entry of all flights from Clark Airport. More details here.


Effective Saturday, March 21 until April 12: No travel to and from the city.

Exempted: Doctors, nurses and health workers based in the city, patients in need of medical treatment, government officials and uniformed personnel who are part of the city's surveillance team, delivery services of goods, and media workers.


Effective Monday, March 16: Suspension of all incoming land, air, and sea transport to the city.

Exempted: Cargos of vessels from Malaysia may unload, but officers and crew are not allowed to disembark (effective March 15 to April 15). More details here.

To prevent infection, authorities are urging people to practice regular hand washing, cover the mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, and avoid close contact with those who show respiratory symptoms.

Commonly reported COVID-19 symptoms are fever, dry cough and shortness of breath. Those with severe and critical symptoms should call the Health Department at (02) 8-651-7800 local 1149-1150.