Lacson: Duterte failed on three key advocacies thus his ‘sayang’ remark

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, January 24) — Presidential aspirant Senator Panfilo Lacson believes that President Rodrigo Duterte failed to succeed on his three advocacies, which explains why he made the “sayang” remarks during 'The Jessica Soho Presidential Interviews' on GMA7 over the weekend.

Lacson said that the Duterte administration was unsuccessful in its war on drugs, fight against corruption, and assertion of sovereignty over the West Philippine Sea.

“Yung tatlong malalaking puntong ‘yun na advocacy niya, sana nag-succeed tayo. Kaya sabi ko ‘sayang’, kung na-capitalize lang ang kanyang overwhelming mandate, ang kanyang immense popularity sa ating mga kababayan, at saka ang kanyang magandang intension, sana sa tatlong punto man lang yun, nagsa-succeed na tayo,” said Lacson in an interview on Monday over Bombo Radyo.

[Translation: I hope he succeeded on those three advocacies. That’s why I remarked, “sayang”. He could have capitalized on his overwhelming mandate, on his popularity among the masses, and on his good intentions. We could have succeeded on those three.]

Lacson, who was also a former Philippine National Police chief, said the President could have succeeded in the campaign against illegal drugs without the police resorting to “extrajudicial means.”

He further explained in another radio interview that the Duterte administration’s war on drugs focused on the enforcement aspect and has set aside the prevention and rehabilitation facets of the campaign against illegal drugs.

“Hindi na sana siya nagkakaroon ng pag-aalala na pwede siyang ma-held to court ‘ika nga, worse doon sa ICC [International Criminal Court],” Lacson said.

[Translation: He will not be worrying right now that he could be held accountable in the court, which they say is worse than the ICC.]

On the anti-corruption drive, the Partido Reporma standard bearer said Duterte practices double standard on running after corrupt officials in the government.

“Along the way sa kanyang implementasyon, nakita natin na hindi lang isa ang standard. Kapag mga kaalyado, mga kaibigan, iba ang treatment,” he explained.

[Translation: During the implementation, we can see that there is no single standard. There is a different treatment among his allies and friends.]

Meanwhile, on the West Philippine Sea issue, Lacson said President Duterte has compromised the welfare of Filipino fishermen over his friendship with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

As a supposed ally of the Philippines, he questioned why China is harassing Filipino fishermen in our exclusive economic zone.

He added the country is losing billions of pesos because Filipino fishermen are now afraid to fish in the West Philippine Sea.

“Bakit naman ang ating mga fishermen, walang kalaban-laban, wina-water cannon at saka nira-ram? Naku - Bakit naman hindi tayo makapasok sa ating exclusive economic zone. Naku – Dahil nanalo na tayo sa arbitral ruling, bakit hindi natin mapatupad?” Lacson said.

[Translation: I’m very curious why our fishermen are helpless? They were being attacked with water cannon and their boats were rammed. Why can’t they enter our own exlcusive economic zone? Why can’t we impose the arbitral ruling?]

Build, Build, Build

To solve traffic problems in the metropolis, Lacson said he will continue the Duterte administration’s ‘Build, Build, Build’ program should he be elected as president.

Apart from infrastructure solutions, he said enforcement of traffic rules and policies must also be looked into.

“Paano titino ang enforcement, yung mga traffic enforcers, lalo na yung mga ine-employ ng local government units, subukan mo magpahuli. Hindi alam maniket, hindi alam ang violation e. Kasi nandon sa kanto, nag-aabang, kikikilan ka lang,” Lacson said.

[Translation: How do you expect our traffic enforcement to improve? Just look at those employed by the local government units, they don’t know how to issue a ticket, they are not aware of the violation. They are are just waiting in the corner to mulct you.]