The Philippines continues to lag behind in mobile data speed

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, May 31) — The world is gearing up to shift to 5G internet technology, but can the Philippines keep up?

A report May 31 by international analytics company Opensignal confirmed that the Philippines lagged far behind other countries when it comes to mobile internet speed.

The Philippines has the 16th slowest download speed and the 11th slowest upload speed among the 87 countries in Opensignal's "The State of Mobile Network Experience" 2019 report, conducted during the first quarter of the year.

The nation has an average mobile internet download speed of of 7.0 Mbps and an average upload speed of 2.2 Mbps. 4G technology is available to 72.4 percent of mobile data users.

According to Opensignal's study, the global average mobile internet download speed in 17.6 Mbps.

Meanwhile, South Korea has the best rating in the study, with an average download speed of 52.4 Mbps, average upload speed of 15.1 Mbps and with 4G technology available to 97.5 percent of mobile data users.

The top ten countries with the best mobile internet service are South Korea, Norway, Canada, Netherlands, Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium and Japan.

Opensignal said that the shift to 5G technology is still in it's early stages, but that it expects new technological advances once the "5G revolution" begins.

"We expect to see the new technology take off in a big way provided the real-world 5G experience is significantly better than the existing mobile experience," Opensignal said in its report.

Faster, more accessible internet technology has drastically changed the way people use mobile devices from ten years ago. And more changes are still to come.

"With a plethora of new services and use cases being made real by the hyper-fast speeds and low latency promised by 5G, the mobile network experience is set to metamorphize once again in the next decade," it added.