Netizens react to Duterte kiss in Korea

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, June 3) — The internet is once again divided by the actions of President Rodrigo Duterte. But this time it’s over a kiss.

A video posted by state media PTV showed President Rodrigo Duterte calling two younger women up to the stage with him to give a book.

Duterte was in South Korea for an official visit, and met with overseas Filipino workers on Sunday.

The women took Duterte’s hand and put it to their foreheads, the customary "mano" or “amen” to show respect to one’s elders before moving to leave the stage.

“Wag kang mag-amen-amen diyan. Oy, halika dito,” Duterte said.

[Translation: Don’t mano. Come back here.]

He then asked for a beso-beso [cheek kiss] from one of the women, but pointed to his lips when it was the other woman’s turn.

The crowd cheered when they kissed.

The video has been making rounds in social media since then, with various reactions from netizens.

Labaw paa nka hikap nka Kiss pa jud sa LIPS! wahahahaha pagka bugoya jud Tatay Digong oi,” commented Rolanda Ortiaga on the Facebook video.

[Translation: He got a hug and a kiss on the lips. Wahahaha Tatay Digong is so mischievous.]

“Komedya yan para masaya. Ganyan ang binisaya na harutan.. Patawa hindi seryosohin,” commented Anacleto Solana on the Facebook video.

[Translation: That’s a comedy to make people happy. That’s how Bisayas joke around. It’s a joke so it doesn’t need to be taken seriously.]

Meanwhile, Renato Reyes, Jr. said that he’s having a hard time processing the events.

“Medyo shocked pa ako sa napanood ko kaya nasulat ko ito. Di ko pa na-process,” Reyes said on Facebook.

[Translation: I was shocked by what I saw that’s why I wrote this post. I’m haven’t processed it yet.]

On the other hand, RJ Barrete said that the act was unpresidential.

“This is not an issue of who initiated it, not even about consent because obviously, power was at play,” Barrete said on Facebook. “And most importantly, as the President of a country you don’t initiate an act like this in an official event!”