Duterte warns of revolutionary gov't if destabilization plots escalate

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President Rodrigo Duterte (FILE PHOTO)

Story updated to include Tindig Pilipinas' statement.

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, October 14) — President Rodrigo Duterte has warned he would declare a revolutionary government until the end of his term if attempts to destabilize the government worsen.

"Pag ang destabilization ninyo patagilid na at medyo magulo na [If your destabilization starts disrupting things and things get out of hand] I will not hesitate to declare a revolutionary government until the end of my term," he said in a PTV4 interview that aired on Friday.

Duterte said he would rather declare a revolutionary government than martial law as he would have to report the latter to Congress.

"I will clear the streets and I will declare all government positions vacant," he said.

"Mas matuloy, wala na akong problema kasi habulin ko na ngayon 'yung mga corrupt para matanggal ko. Sige, mag-demonstrate kayo, bring it to a point na talagang tatagilid 'yung gobyerno," he added.

[Translation: If it happens, I won't have any problems because I'll go after those who are corrupt and remove them. Go, demonstrate, bring it to a point that the government will tip over.]

Duterte said if he declares such a government, he would arrest destabilizers and go to "full-scale" war against the New People's Army.

He said the military knows the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) is one of the most active groups working to destabilize the government.

The government suspended peace negotiations with the rebels in May citing continuing offensives of communist rebels against government troops.

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"Paubusan tayo ng sundalo. Madali 'yan. Pati 'yang mga barangay captain diyan who are sympathizers with the Communist Party. They will lose their job," said Duterte.

[Translation:We'll finish each other's soldiers. That's easy. Even the barangay captains who are sympathizers of the Communist Party, they will lose their job.]

He also said former President Corazon Aquino declared a revolutionary government during her term.

"President Corazon Aquino declared a martial law. Then changed her mind a few hours and declared a revolutionary government," he said.

The President has often mentioned supposed destabilization plots against the government.

Last Thursday, Duterte told "Yellows" and "Reds" supposedly working to unseat him to merge into one command.

"Yellow" is often used to refer to the opposition Liberal Party, while "red" for the communist party.

Liberal Party senators issued a statement criticizing the administration for insisting the party had plans to destabilize the government. They said criticism is different from destabilization.

'Paranoid, insecure little man'

Opposition group Tindig Pilipinas slammed Duterte's proposal on Saturday, calling him a "paranoid and insecure little man afraid of losing power."

"Like any abuser sensing that his victims are seeing him as the abuser that he is, he senses doom," the group said in a statement. "And so he plays his ultimate power game — the threat to annihilate our democracy. Let no one see this as anything else but weakness."

CNN Philippines Digital Producer VJ Bacungan contributed to this report.