There's a new war coming: Terrorism – Duterte

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(File photo) President Rodrigo Duterte

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday rallied the military, to prepare for a new war – the war against terrorism.

Speaking before the members of the Philippine Army First Scout Ranger regiment, the President said terrorism is something everyone should prepare for.

"Whether you like it or not, the new war coming is terrorism," Duterte said.

"Sa ayaw mo't sa hindi, it's not a question or issue of when. Hindi lang natin alam, pero puputok talaga ito because of the radical changes." [Whether you like it or not, it's not a question or issue of when. We just don't know, but this for sure, will happen because of the radical changes.]

Duterte also asked the soldiers for understanding, for reaching out to the rebels and trying to make peace with them-after decades of fighting.

"Wag nyo ako pagdudahan [do not doubt me] because I can cross ideological border. I have to look for ways to maintan peace," said Duterte.

He added, peace must be established so that the country can face bigger problems together.

"My job under the Constitution is to look for peaceful way to settle disputes so we can live together. Because the soldiers can fight forever."

Duterte also explained, he had to take drastic steps to reach out to Moro rebels – even up to the extent of asking the American troops to leave Mindanao.

"The fighting is now one century old… Ang tingin nila [They think] we are an extension of the series of imperialism. There can never be peace. They think it's still the Americans maneuvering," Duterte said.

"One day I must decide, umalis muna kayo to give us space to talk."

[Translation: They see us as an extension of imperialism.  There can never be peace. They think it's still the Americans maneuvering. One day I must decide, leave us for a moment to give us space to talk.]

For a job well done fighting in Mindanao, Duterte promised about 2,000 Scout Rangers that each of them would receive a Glock 30 in .45 ACP-a gift that certainly put a smile on the soldiers' faces.

Aside from this, Duterte promised to give the military whatever it needs to win its war against terrorists.

"Basta sa panahon ko, ibigay ko lahat sa inyo ang kailangan nyo para manalo kayo… Next year, kung maganda ang income, libre na ang mga anak nyo. Kindergarten to high school."

[Translation: During my time, I will give whatever you need to win… Next year, if the income's good, your children will

War against drugs continues

Towards the end of his speech, Duterte said that the war against drugs continues.

Duterte then showed a document and told the soldiers: "Ito yung problema natin sa droga"[this is our problem with drugs]."

According to Duterte, it contains names of drug personalities per region.

He said the list includes names of judges, barangay captains, mayors, and even police personnel who serve as protectors of the illegal drug trade in the country.

And with it, the President had a request: "If the problem would still be there and I will not be here in this world, please take care of your country. Do not allow our country to take a deadly spin."

Duterte promised the military, as well as the police, that he will take full responsibility in the war against drugs – so long as they perform their duty and help him eradicate the drug problem in the country.