Missing your friends during this pandemic? Here's how to safely reconnect with the barkada

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) - Even before the global health crisis struck, some of us - admit it or not - had taken a rain check on barkada hangouts at the last minute. There are times too that road trips got canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.  

Then this COVID-19 pandemic came - forcing many of us to stay home and keep our distance from one another. This meant meeting up with your friends, scheduled or not, will be a challenge. Even while at home, virtually meeting up may be hard with all the different stress everyone is experiencing amid these hard times.  

But worry no more! San Miguel Flavored Beer is here to help you reconnect and even make your friendships more fun and sweeter than ever - even made more special with the celebration of International Friendship Day this month.

Dubbing this year's celebration Refriendship Month, San Miguel Flavored Beer has listed ways you can still keep the fun with the barkada while staying safe at home.  

Chikahan to the max, the techy way


Nowadays, most of us own at least one gadget that we use mostly to communicate. But this device has multiple apps, like Facebook messenger, Telegram, and Zoom, for your quick conversation or late-night catching up.  

With the current challenges we are experiencing and being away from your besties for a very long time, there will surely be something to share, may it be at work-related or personal.  

As you know, it's great to have someone to talk to to share your daily struggles or your fun and unique experiences. To be able to let out all those feelings, stories, and chikas again with your friends will not only enhance the bond, but also lift your spirits.  

For sure, you'll also be able to learn something new from one another along the way.  

Upgrading barkada bondings


Your fun barkada bondings can still be upgraded by adding a twist of virtual games like "conference call" bingo, blackout truth or dare, or online charades.  

Watching new or old movies on Netflix or other platforms, like "The 8th Night" or "The Hunger Games" series, as well as binge-watching your favorite Western series or K-drama, like "Friends" or "Hospital Playlist" together are also possible, thanks to the feature called screen sharing.  

Aside from these, you can also learn new hobbies together, like making candles or knitting through YouTube tutorials. There are also podcasts available to learn new languages for an added skill.  

With these ways to bond, no one will miss the barkada's newest, "sweeeet" moments together!  

Complete the chikahan with San Miguel Flavored Beer!

Barkada moments are best paired and will surely be complete with your favorite San Miguel Flavored Beer.  

Available in three flavors - apple, lemon, and lychee - this seriously fun beer will surely fit any kind of mood, ready to accompany the group in your online barkada sessions.  

A sip from your can of San Miguel Flavored Beer with its fruity, quirky flavors will surely lift the mood.  

Indeed, a fruity twist to reconnect with your loved ones.  

To add to the fun this Refriendship Month, mark your calendars on July 23rd and join San Miguel Flavored Beer's Beerkada Friday Night Live and Quiz Night.  

The online musical and quiz event happening on CNN Philippines Kumu will push you to wear your thinking cap with games prepared for you. You can also jam along with trendy singers and Kumunizens present during the virtual bonding. You can also meet new friends and even send virtual gifts during the livestream.  

Make your July 30th free from any schedule as well for a series of challenges awaiting you in the Beerkada Dare Night. You don't have to worry because the game masters assure you that these can be easily accomplished while inside your homes.  

Worrying you'd run out of San Miguel Flavored Beer? Well, problem solved with delivery services right at your doorstep through Boozy and SMB Delivers website or call 8632-BEER.

Share your experience as well by tagging San Miguel Flavored Beer's social media accounts, along with #SMFBRefriendshipMonth.  

There will be ways to get in touch amid the COVID-19 pandemic. You just have to look for it and make it happen in the #Sweeeet-est possible way.  

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