Let's talk gayspeak with Maria Sofia Love, Bemz Benedito

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — There's a huge chance that you've heard — and probably used — the following words: pak, choz, keri, itey, waley, anyare?

It is because one of the most dynamic yet informal language models to evolve in the Philippines is the gayspeak.

Internet sensation Maria Sofia Love, who created the viral line "Pak! Pak! Para sa ekonomiya!", and Ladlad Partylist Chairperson Bemz Benedito talked to CNN Philippines on Tuesday (August 18) about the power of the gayspeak — that even our politicians are using.

CNN Philippines' Headline News anchor Amelyn Veloso asked Love and Benedito who makes up these words and how they go around.

"Aristotle made it," Love joked.

Benedito explained that in the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community, everyone is encouraged to show their true colors and be vibrant and playful, despite of all the challenges they are facing.

"That is the way we cope. We combine words to make it more playful and funny, and to address issues, as well," she said.

Love, however, said that the use of gay lingo is not an armor to shield them from the social stigma.

She added that the LGBT community has always been accepted, but they are not recognized.

"There is tolerance, but not exactly the kind of acceptance that we need and want," Benedito added.

She said there is is no law protecting the LGBT community in the Philippines; the only law that has been languishing in the Congress is the Anti-Discrimination Bill. But she hopes the bill will be passed soon for the protection of the entire community.

Benedito praised Love for what she is doing for the LGBT community.

"She keeps the discourse at a higher level for all of us."

Love said that she is happy that she is entertaining and opening doors for the LGBT acceptance for her countrymen.

She added that when she posts her videos online, she wants it to always be inspiring.

"Everyone is beautiful, regardless if you are a part of the LGBT community or not," Love said.

Veloso then asked Love and Benedito what they want to tell those people who are not yet entirely open to the LGBT community.

"It's time for to accept it. We are here, whether you like it or not," Love answered.

Benedito added that acceptance should come naturally.

"We should not look at it as accepting the LGBT people, but as human beings who deserve the same rights — just like our heterosexual brothers and sisters," she said.

Benedito hopes that, in between all the discourse over the gay lingo, Filipinos don't forget the LGBT agenda that they are facing.