Wrap-Up: Mayweather-Pacquiao media workouts

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Manny Pacquiao shows off his moves in front of a massive crowd of journalists at the Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles.

(CNN Philippines) — The long awaited showdown between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao went into the next round of promotions as both camps held separate media work outs to showcase their fitness.

Plenty of noise has been made by both the members of the camps and observers of the sport as to how they believe the fight will go.

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These workouts are more often flash over substance, with the fighters keeping anything different that they have been working on under wraps before the actual fight.

Still, after the media workouts spectators from both sides gained plenty of ammunition to promote each fighter's merit in the ring.

With both workouts concluded, we take a look at some of the talking points that have sprung out for both camps.

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In the Philippines, the Filipinos don't necessarily consider themselves as prompt people.

As a matter of fact, the act of being tardy in the Philippines is often characterized as being on 'Filipino Time' by the locals.

This, however, was not the case in the United States.

Droves of media representatives waited in the Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas at the appointed time, but Floyd Mayweather was nowhere to be seen.

Floyd Mayweather arrived at the gym late by around two hours, much to the chagrin of some of the press in attendance.

Manny Pacquiao and his camp on the other hand couldn't resist taking a jab at Mayweather on social media.

Mayweather Wardrobe

Mayweather has been known for his outspoken persona throughout his career.

For his fight against Oscar De La Hoya in 2009, Mayweather was seen wearing a Mexican flag-inspired shirt from his clothing brand before the fight, and famously walked into the ring wearing the Mexican colors on his robe and a sombrero on his head.

During the media workout, Mayweather wore a shirt that bore his image and was designed to incorporate elements of the Philippine flag.

Though not really an issue, a few members of the Filipino media picked up on it.

Will we see a Filipino-themed entrance for Mayweather come May 2? Only time will tell.

Pacquiao open workout


With a fight of this magnitude looming closely, everything is being scrutinized.

Attorney Robert Shapiro dropped by the Pacquiao camp and gifted him with a speed bag with Mayweather's face adorning it.

During the Mayweather media workout as the undefeated fighter worked the bags, it was noted that the fight poster on the wall had Pacquiao's eyes and mouth covered up with tape.

Not a bad way to motivate the fighters.

Verbal Sparring

Mayweather has long been known for speaking his mind about his opponents leading up to the fight.

This has led some observers to read into his subdued approach in different ways.

The worst things Mayweather said about Pacquiao concerned his recklessness in the ring and his suspicion that the Filipino wore lifts in his shoes during the initial press conference.

Apart from that, his team did most of the talking.

“I don’t know what Manny Pacquiao has to do on May 2, but I know what Floyd Mayweather has to do. He has to do what he normally does and go in there and execute his game plan and I really expect Floyd to knock him out,” said Leonard Ellerbe of Mayweather Promotions.

Father and trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. also chimed in with a curious statement: “I didn’t watch one tape on Pacquiao. There is no reason to study him. He’s not at this level."

That statement being made despite Mayweather Sr. being the trainer of Ricky Hatton when Pacquiao knocked him out in 2 rounds.

The Filipino fighter, on the other hand, didn't have many derogatory things to say about his opponent and left most of the trash talk to the people he surrounded himself with.

"Just look at which fighter has the most endorsements going into this fight and why. When Manny beats Mayweather, it won't only be about unifying the welterweight titles, it will also be a public service to boxing," said long-time Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach.

The pair will finally meet at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada on May 3 (PHT).