Experts: Sputnik Light a good booster shot vs. COVID-19

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, January 25)— Gamaleya Institute's single-dose Sputnik Light vaccine is a good booster shot candidate against coronavirus infection, according to members of the Philippines' vaccine expert panel.

Pediatric infectious diseases specialist Dr. Maria Liza Gonzales shared the study on 84 individuals who received Sputnik Light. This measured the antibody, T-Cell responses, and the level of virus neutralizing activity against variants of concern — including the Alpha, Delta, and Omicron variants.

It showed Sputnik Light enhanced the immune response of previously infected individuals on the seventh day after vaccination. Those who never had COVID-19 infection, meanwhile, only developed antibody response after 21 days.

"Can it be useful as a booster? I think the studies would show that it would. It would actually enhance the immune response in those who were previously vaccinated and in fact…higher pa ang response in those who were previously infected. So, whether infected or not and given primary immunization, I think the Sputnik would be a good booster to be given, to be used," Gonzales told a forum on Tuesday.

She noted that Sputnik Light has the same components as the first dose of Sputnik V.

Another vaccine expert panel member, Dr. Derrick Sumalapao, said the revaccination with Sputnik Light among inoculated individuals could elicit neutralizing antibodies against the Omicron variant.

"The good thing is there is presence of such neutralizing antibody to Omicorn variant among the study participants revaccinated with Sputnik Light," he said.

A study conducted by Italian Spallanzani Institute and Gamaleya Center also found that the level of antibodies fighting the Omicorn variant among those vaccinated with Sputnik V did not decline as much as Pfizer. The study involved 51 people inoculated with Sputnik V and 17 with Pfizer.

It showed Sputnik V has more than twice the number of neutralizing antibodies to Omicron.

"The levels were more stable with the Sputnik V vaccine and analysis of neutralizing antibodies to the Wuhan D614G variants showed comparable activity between the two groups. Those given Sputnik and Pfizer. However, neutralizing antibody titers, in those vaccinated with Pfizer vaccine were lower - 21.4 folds lower compared to those given Sputnik Vaccine where the sera was 8.1 folds lower," Gonzales said.