Ward off bad luck during 'Ghost Month'

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, August 18) — Ghost month is here, that time of the year when people are extra vigilant about bad luck.

During ghost month, souls of the deceased would roam around and bring potential harm and other misfortune to the living, Feng shui expert Marites Allen told CNN Philippines' New Day on Tuesday.

While this year already started off on the wrong foot due to the pandemic, Allen said it is better to be extra cautious about activities which could further attract bad luck.

Here are some dos and don'ts during ghost month, which starts on August 19 and ends on September 16:


• Offer incense to 'feed' the ghosts

• Keep your door hinges properly oiled, your closed spaces well-lighted and your living spaces clean to maintain a positive environment.

• Play meditative and relaxing music to ward off hungry ghosts.

• Wear mantra protection charms and bright colors to boost positive energy.


• Sleep facing a mirror, which is regarded as a "soul stealer" in feng shui.

• Hang out clothes to dry at night. Toys or dolls for children must be blessed before giving them back.

• Push through with major events (i.e. getting married, moving to a new house, starting a new business) as this could "invite" wandering spirits with you.

• Kill rare insects like moths or butterflies, which are believed to be manifestation of spirits or ancestor paying a visit to the family home.

• Go to any "yin" or negative places such as the hospital, cemetery, or funeral. Avoid staying out late at night. Wear some charms to protect you if necessary.