TIMELINE: ₱11B-worth of shabu slips past PH customs days after ₱4.3B worth of shabu was intercepted

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — Two massive drug shipments – both worth billions of pesos – were smuggled into the Philippines in magnetic scrap lifters, but their journeys have different endings.

In August, ₱4.3 billion-worth of illegal drugs that entered the country were intercepted by Customs officers. The next day, authorities found similar containers, but the drugs estimated at ₱11 billion, were nowhere to be found.

Here is how it unfolded:

August 7

Five hundred kilos of suspected methamphetamine hydrochloride or shabu worth ₱4.3 billion are intercepted by the Bureau of Customs (BOC) at the Manila International Container Port (MICP). The illegal drugs, which were foil-wrapped in sealed plastic, are hidden inside two magnetic scrap lifters.

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) says the drug shipment arrived on June 28.

August 8

Authorities find four magnetic scrap lifters in a warehouse in General Mariano Alvarez in Cavite. But its contents – believed to be over 1 ton of shabu – are missing. PDEA Director General Aaron Aquino says traces of illegal drugs were detected in the containers with the help of sniffer dogs.

PDEA initially pegs the value of the missing shabu at ₱6.8 billion, but later revises its estimate to a whopping ₱11 billion.

PDEA says the drugs were smuggled into the country by a Taiwanese drug syndicate, Golden Triangle syndicate.

August 11

Customs Commissioner Isidro Lapeña says he wasn't alerted about the entry of the ₱6.8 billion worth of shabu. He says had he known, he wouldn't have allowed the shipment in the country.

Lapeña also recommends the relief of district collector Vener Baquiran, who was in charge of the Manila International Container Port when the shipment allegedly entered the country.

August 13

President Rodrigo Duterte still trusts the Customs chief despite drug shipment that slipped into the coutry undetected, Malacañang says.

The Department of Justice directs the National Bureau of Investigation to look into the drug shipment.

August 14

The heads of Customs and PDEA have different information on the presence of drugs in the magnetic lifters. Lapeña says the claim the containers were filled with drugs had no basis.

During the first House hearing into the issue, he says that laboratory tests done on four empty magnetic scrap lifters "yielded negative results" for the presence of dangerous drugs.

Later that day, Duterte dismisses the shabu shipment as "pure speculation."

August 28

The swab test of PDEA and Philippine National Police on the lifters find no presence of illegal drugs.

August 29

The government's anti-drug agency charges four people over the missing shabu shipment in Cavite. Suspects Chan Yee Wah Albert, Zhang Quan, Vedasto Baraquel Jr., and Maria Lagrimas Catipan are charged for violating the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.

September 11

Senate holds its first hearing into the ₱6.8-billion shabu smuggling.

Aquino says, although PNP and PDEA's swab test results were negative, "Dogs don't lie," as their K9 sniffed out drugs.

In the hearing, the committee establishes that Jimmy Guban of the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service used a "scavenger" identified as Joel Maritana to sign an affidavit that would make him appear as the final consignee of the SMYD shipment containing the illegal drugs. Guban admits he did it as part of their operation involving an incoming shipment.

Senate Blue Ribbon Committee Chairman Sen. Richard Gordon cites Guban in contempt for lying about his role in the smuggling of illegal drugs into the country.

September 19

Marina dela Cruz Signapan, the owner of the importation company behind the alleged smuggling of ₱6.8 billion worth of shabu, is detained in the Senate after she was cited in contempt for allegedly lying on the witness stand.

PDEA reveals it has sought the help of Hong Kong to hunt down a certain KC Chan, who is allegedly behind the smuggling of the ₱4.3 billion worth of shabu.

September 26

Former Customs (BOC) Deputy Collector for Operations Ma. Lourdes Mangaoang presents to the Senate the  x-ray images of the scanned magnetic lifters that were suspected to contain drugs. She says asbestos was found inside the lifters, apparently to insulate the drugs from heat and prevent it from melting.

September 27

Guban is cited in contempt by a House of Representatives panel for issuing conflicting statements about his role in the smuggling of illegal drugs. He is also ordered detained at the House "for non-cooperation" and for failing to give proper answers.

Guban also reveals he was tapped by a dismissed police, a certain "Colonel Acierto," to find a consignee for the shabu shipment.

October 10

Duterte presents a special report revealing the involvement of law enforcement officials in illegal drugs trade. Five active police officials are named. They included former S/Supt. Eduardo Paderon Acierto, former PDEA deputy director general for administration Ismael Gonzales Fajardo Jr., and Guban.

October 23

Lapeña claims the reforms he implemented at the bureau have "hurt the players and drug syndicates," triggering them to orchestrate moves for his fall.

October 24

During a House probe, Customs X-ray inspector John Mar Morales insists that the lifters were empty, based on his analysis of X-ray images.

Lapeña backtracks, says he now believes that the P6.8 billion worth of illegal drugs slipped past Customs.

Duterte orders Guban's arrest, but customs official remains in Senate custody.

October 25

Guban is now being considered by the Senate as a "vital witness" after he vowed to divulge all his knowledge on the drug smuggling in the country.

PDEA revises the estimated value of the missing drugs from the four magnetic lifters in Cavite, which would now amount to P11 billion. Aquino says 1.6 tons is the weight of the shabu inside the lifters, higher than the previous 1 ton estimate. Lapeña disputes this.

Duterte boots out Lapeña from Customs and names  Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) Administrator Rey Leonardo Guerrero as his replacement.He orders all Customs commissioners and department heads out so Guererro could have his choice of personnel.

Duterte "promotes" Lapeña as head of Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) – a Cabinet Secretary post.