Kabayan Partylist removes Harry Roque as member, Representative

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(File photo) Atty. Harry Roque

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — Kabayan Partylist reveals it has removed Atty. Harry Roque as a member and, consequently, from representing it at the House of Representatives.

In a statement released today, Kabayan said of the 12 members of its Board of Trustees, 10 voted in favor of Roque's removal, while 2 abstained.

It was the same Board who approved Roque's "nomination as Kabayan Partylist's first nominee in the May 2016 elections."

Kabayan said that its decision came from the Board's "careful and thorough deliberation by the Board of Trustees, consultations with party members and supporters, and considering and adopting the findings and recommendations of the Special Investigation Committee, created by virtue of Board Resolution No. 2016-005 (dated December 10, 2016), to investigate Atty. Roque for acts inimical to Kabayan Partylist, and Resolution No. 2016-005-A (dated December 10, 2016), enlarging the scope of the investigation."

In the statement, Kabayan said a committee report found Roque's "behavior, acts, and statements as severely damaging to the Partylist."

It added, "Kabayan Partylist members and supporters have lost their trust and confidence on Harry Roque's ability to genuinely advance the core advocacies of the partylist."

It also said that Roque refused to acknowlege the power of the Committee and the Board, only doing so when he "needed its approval for his nomination, but he does not anymore acknowledge the power and authority of the same Board when he was being made accountable for his irregular and irresponsible statements and actions. "

Kabayan said a copy of the resolution on Roque's removall has been submitted to the House of Representatives, President Rodrigo Duterte, and concerned government offices.

Roque: Accusers only after media mileage

Roque released a statement following what he said was the "supposeed notice" of his removal.

He said the statement from Kabayan was sent to media but not to him or his office, and "just goes to show that the people behind this plot are after media mileage, not the interest of our party."

He added, "My alleged ouster from my party-list is of no moment, having been done in violation of the Constitution and By-Laws of the party itself, and by people who have usurped functions of the incumbent Executive Committee."

Roque says that he has filed a petition with the Commission on Election to legally settle the rightful leadership of the Party.

Roque's statement says Kabayan is "a multi-sectoral party that cuts across social classes and geographical boundaries on a regional scale, principally in Region IV. It represents transport workers, farmers, fisherfolk, industrial workers, urban poor, migrant workers and seafarers, youth, and professionals."