Protesters take to streets to denounce Marcos 'Libingan' burial

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — The man who put the country under martial law may be resting in peace at the 'Libingan ng mga Bayani' (LNMB) or heroes' cemetery, but the uproar over his burial is not dying down just yet.

Just a few hours after news about former President Ferdinand Marcos' funeral rites at the LNMB broke out, groups of protesters started to gather at the People's Power monument along Edsa.

Most of them clad in black and carrying banners, they chanted various objections to the unexpected sudden turn of events: "Marcos No Hero," "Dictator," "Thief."

The protesters cried that what had just happened at the LNMB was the "burial of truth and justice." They said they were decrying the attempts of the Marcos family to revise history and sugarcoat the wrongdoings of martial law.

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A program went along with the protest, with patriotic songs like the iconic "Bayan Ko."

After the program ended in the evening, protesters continued with a noise barrage — asking motorists to join them or at least honk their horns to symbolize indignation.

Protesters ask motorists to make noise to show dismay.

The police said there were around 700 protesters at the time but organizers said there were 5,000 of them.

Some groups said they planned to continue with protests in the coming days.

Millenials band together

In another part of Quezon City, hundreds of students from the University of the Philippines, Ateneo and Miriam College converged along Katipunan Avenue to denounce Marcos' burial at LNMB.

They said this was their way of showing to the world that the youth still cared and they're not oblivious to what happened during martial law.

The protesters also echoed that "Marcos is no hero," and the burial was "a great injustice to the nation."

They described the interment as "pataksil, patago" [treacherous, clandestine].

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In other parts of the country like Cebu, Cagayan de Oro and Bacolod City, various groups similarly staged mass actions to express dismay over the burial.

'No healing at all'

Meanwhile, the Liberal Party (LP) called the burial "a monumental injustice."

Acting LP president, Sen. Francis Pangilinan, said members would not stop in efforts to have Marcos removed from 'Libingan" and transferred elsewhere.

He said the burial did not result in healing or closure, but a reopening of the wounds of the past instead.

"When martial law was declared, everybody was caught by surprise. Now it happened that way again with the burial," Pangilinan said in Filipino. "If you were really a hero, why should your burial be forced, rushed and done secretly?"

The LP was the ruling party after the presidential election of Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino. Aquino's father, the late Sen. Benigno or "Ninoy," was the political archenemy of Marcos.

CNN Philippines' Rex Remitio, Anjo Alimario and Triciah Terada contributed to this report.