Duterte to Filipinos in Japan: One day you will not have to work overseas

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President Rodrigo Duterte was welcomed by a cheering crowd of Filipinos upon his arrival in Japan. And in a speech, he says he remains focused on building a strong country for everyone.

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — President Rodrigo Duterte arrived in Japan on Tuesday to a cheering group of Filipinos who welcomed him with open arms.

Speaking before Filipino expatriates in Japan, Duterte said he wanted to make the Philippine economy strong enough so that Filipinos would only go to Japan for vacations - not for work.

He also thanked the Japanese government for providing Filipinos employment and for being the country who has extended the most help to the Philippines

"Bilyon-bilyon ho ang binibigay para makatulong sa ating bayan, kaya...salamat po sa inyo," he said

[They have given billions to help our country, so again, thank you.]

Duterte spoke about his government's campaign to rid the Philippines of drugs and corruption, saying he would be unrelenting in these goals.

"...ako po ay nagsisikap that we will earn more so that by the time, ito ang pangako ko at sana naman sa Diyos at sa inyo na ang pagtrabaho niyo sa labas, hanggang diyan na lang. Next generation, Pilipinas na. So we will do away with so many things. Corruption then drugs," he said.

[I work hard that we will earn more so that by the time, this is my promise to you and God and to those working abroad, this will be the last. The next generation of Filipinos will work in the Philippines. So we will do away with so many things. Corruption then drugs.]

The President added Filipinos should be assertive when it comes to their rights, especially when it comes to corrupt officials who take advantage of them

He said, "...be assertive tapos kung sa publiko ka, create a scene. 'Yung magwala ka. Tapos sabihin mo, bakit?"

[Be assertive and if you're in public, create a scene. One that will catch attention, and then ask the person taking advantage of you, "why?"]

Duterte said in the past, people called or texted a number to report these kinds of abusive incidents. Filipinos shouldn't hesitate to use this number to tell people who take advantage of them

Duterte's speech touched on many issues: from the war against drugs to corruption to the experiences he had while still mayor of Davao City, but he remained focused on his goal of building a better country.

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"I'm sure I would be a vigilant for – ngayon lang [for now], maybe at this time, not all Filipinos would look too kindly about my stand. But in the years to come, the next generation, they would know that there is such a thing in this world as the dignity of the Filipino people."