New Zealand’s cows: How they’re raised and why their milk is so beneficial

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Photo from Anlene

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — New Zealand’s grass-fed cows have become the country’s biggest export earner, netting around $19 billion a year. In fact, the demand for New Zealand milk has increased so exponentially that legislators are studying the possibility of taxing farmers for livestock methane, or cow burps, to reduce their carbon footprint.

This begs the question: why do New Zealand’s cows produce such high-quality milk?

Unlike other countries where cattle are kept in feedlots and served grain, New Zealand’s climate allows cows to graze all-year round. It gives the cows access to the lush green grass and overall happy environment, resulting in milk that is lower in fat and higher in vitamins. All dairy products must meet the standards set by the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries, which ensures that all exports are free for contaminants and residues.

What else sets “grass-fed cow’s milk” apart from conventional milk?

Conventional cows are usually fed soy, alfalfa, corn products, and grains. This diet, paired with the limited space they’re able to move, results in milk with unbalanced omega-6 to omega-3 ratios. Organic milks are slightly better since at least 30% of the cows’ diet comes from grass, making it a good middle ground. All things considered, however, nothing tops the benefits of consuming grassmilk. Giving cows a natural diet results in a higher content of alpha-linolenic acid, a group of omega 3 fatty acids that help reduce blood pressure, blood inflammation, and the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Anlene, one of the leading adult milk brands, uses milk from 96% grass-fed cows. These cows spend all year eating fresh green grass on an all-natural, hormone and antibiotic-free New Zealand farm.

Anlene has a team of experts dedicated to helping their farmers grow nutrient-rich grass for their cows, making their products even more packed with vitamins and minerals.

All Anlene products are made using trusted processes, ensuring that they follow the highest good safety standards so their customers only get high-quality milk. It’s no wonder that Anlene helps adults age better.

Anlene is available at your leading supermarkets, drugstores, as well as in Lazada and Shopee. For more details on Anlene, check out their Facebook page.

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