Aging healthy and avoiding malnutrition among elderly

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Photo from CNN Philippines' Med Talk Health Talk

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — Growing older usually equates to higher risk for illnesses that could further weaken an individual in their senior years. Many of these diseases could be connected to malnutrition.

As the elderly face inevitable, age-related physical changes, being malnourished could make this process even more painful and troublesome.

Common illnesses that come with malnutrition among persons past the age of 60 include osteoporosis, sarcopenia, and insomnia.

Dr. Eduardo Rommel Poblete, a geriatrician from St. Luke's Medical City, said many elderly do not think malnutrition is common among their group.

In photo: Dr. Eduardo Rommel Poblete. Photo from CNN Philippines' Med Talk Health Talk

Factors that lead to lack of proper nutrition among seniors are deteriorating oral health which affects chewing and swallowing, weaker stomachs which affect digestion, and changes in food preference.

Dr. Poblete assured that it is possible to age gracefully with healthy eating habits. The elderly need enough protein, calcium, iron, zinc, and an array of vitamins in their meals to help keep their bodies healthy.

To address malnutrition, the geriatrician suggested food supplements in between or with meals.

A good example of a food supplement is adult milk, like Anlene, to help strengthen bones, joints, muscles and offer enough vitamins to sustain an aging individual every day.

Photo from CNN Philippines' Med Talk Health Talk

Anlene Total 10 is packed with 28 vitamins and minerals to help complete daily nutritional needs for a strong, healthy, and active life.

Drinking at least two glasses of Anlene Total 10 every day could help the elderly get the nutrition boost that is lacking from their meals.

Dr. Poblete also reminded the elderly to take care of themselves and to maintain health through proper nutrition. These practices could lead to a longer life that is enjoyed to the fullest.