Google Doodle celebrates popular Filipino dish adobo

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, Matrch 15) — Today, Google features a doodle of adobo - a "tender, juicy, and soulful" dish that has always been a Filipino staple.

While adobo may differ from one region or home to another, it always has the same ingredients: seared pork, chicken, beef, or vegetables with white vinegar and soy sauce. Bay leaves, garlic, sugar, and black pepper are also usual components, while onions, ginger, lemongrass, chili peppers, and coconut milk can also be added to the mix.

Locals in the Visayas love adobong puti, which uses only vinegar and no soy sauce and is regarded by some as the original indigenous style. Creamier adobo dishes, such as adobong manok sa gata, are very well-liked in regions like Southern Luzon, where coconut milk is a common ingredient in meals. Adobo could also star seafood, such as squid, or vegetables like kangkong or sitaw.

"Adobo is an important part of the story of Filipinos. It is an evolving, well-loved comfort food or way of cooking that crosses all economic boundaries, said Mervin Wenke, Google Philippines Head of Communications and Public Affairs.

Adobo becoming the first Pinoy dish to appear in a Google Doodle is hailed by Henke as a "Pinoy Pride moment," and an honor to celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of Filipino cuisine.

The Google Doodle of adobo was created by Anthony Irwin, who recalled ordering a chicken adobo from a nearby restaurant that immediately brought back some fond memories.

"It was so bright and nostalgic, and instantly filled my apartment with that familiar feeling: this is exactly how things are supposed to be. So I tried to capture that simple childhood joy of leaning in and savoring the kind of food that makes home feel like home. Kain nang mabuti!" he said.

While the Philippines has no official national dish, adobo is undoubtedly a favorite among locals and foreigners alike due to its versatility.