Meet Aranaz: Fashion designer shares secrets on how she thrives

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Photo from CNN Philippines' Life at Home

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — Designer Amina Aranaz-Alunan is known for her passion for bags, accessories, and fashion but only a very few know her personal hobbies and interests that make her who she is.

From having a green thumb to being a loving mother to her children, Amina spends her energy pursuing what she loves.

The Aranaz brand

Photo from CNN Philippines' Life at Home

Amina narrated that her mom started the Aranaz bags and accessories business before she and her sister joined in.

“I’ve always believed in following your interests and your passions,” the designer said. “I’m one of the proponents that your interests and passions are something that can actually lead to your career and to your business.”

The entrepreneur shared that she and her team are creating new unique designs. The business is picking up again after the hit from the pandemic.

Planting seeds

Photo from CNN Philippines' Life at Home

Amina also shared that she loves planting, narrating the delight she feels when nurturing seedlings into plants and trees.

“I really feel plants are very important in making a home come alive,” the designer said.

She added that planting has been therapeutic for her. She feels fulfilled and rewarded seeing her plants grow as she continues to take care of them.

Time with family

Photo from CNN Philippines' Life at Home

Amina is also a proud mother of two boys. The well-known designer shares the same passion for cooking for her boys as much as designing bags.

She said her time with her family during the pandemic was priceless as it gave her opportunities to bond with her boys. One of these opportunities was bonding through food.

“A lot of our bonding time, actually, centered around food. We spend time planning our meals. From the menu — we would have themes. Meal time was really a special moment,” Amina said.

“In every activity, food is essential and good food makes it even more special and even more memorable,” she added.

The designer also said she always has Purefoods Beef Bacon and Breakfast Sausage on her grocery list. Her family loves the smokiness of the bacon and her husband said the full-bodied flavor of the angus beed brings “upgraded childhood memories” yet retains its familiar taste. Her younger son likes the sausage and said it has a kick that makes it unique from other brands.

Photo from CNN Philippines' Life at Home

“What I love about Purefoods is that they have a wide range of food products and they’re also a very trustworthy brand. Whatever you try from them, they taste good and you know they are using good quality ingredients,” Amina said.

With all her different roles in life — an entrepreneur, a plant-lover, a designer, and a mom — Amina said she prioritizes her family the most.

“It’s very important to show your family members that you are there. Try to act out of love all the time. Love really does conquer all.”

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