Why lozenges are more effective vs. sore throat compared to gargles

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — These days, people easily get worried when they suddenly get a sore throat. This is a big concern since the World Health Organization listed this as one of the symptoms of the feared COVID-19.

A cure has yet to be developed and the only thing people can do is to address these signs. Specifically for sore throat, gargling may be a way to deal with it, but did you know that there is a clinically proven solution to help relieve your sore throat symptoms?

Yes, there is such a thing and they are in the form of lozenges.

Photo from Strepsils

Medicinal lozenges are one of the Department of Health’s recommendations for managing COVID-19 symptoms at home[1], while clinical studies[2] have already proven the effectiveness of lozenges in treating sore throat compared to gargles.

Unlike gargles which are expelled from the mouth, lozenges are kept in the mouth longer — providing a steady supply of medicine to the throat. This results in greater activity in both the mouth and the throat for up to 20 minutes even after the lozenge is completely dissolved.

But with all these lozenges available in the market, which one should you really trust?

Use the brand that has been relieving symptoms of sore throat for more than 50 years. Strepsils provide 2-in-1 defense that helps kill common viruses and germs that cause sore throat in as fast as 60 seconds, and provide deep-down, lasting relief up to 2 hours.

This 2-in-1 defense is what made Strepsils the go-to lozenge brand for many years now.

Photo from Strepsils

It also has different products that will surely address whatever relief your throat needs, namely Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol + Amylmetacresol (Strepsils® Cool Sensation) for mild sore and itchy throat; Hexylresorcinol (Strepsils® Max) for moderate pain and irritated throat; and Flurbiprofen (Strepsils® MaxPro) for severe, inflamed sore throat.

Remove those worries away! At the first sign of sore throat, get 2-in-1 defense with Strepsils.

Get a pack of your Strepsils now through your nearest drugstore, or even online through Lazada and Shopee.

To know more about Strepsils, check out www.strepsils.com.ph.

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

ASC Reference Code R113N012022SS

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