Why Thailand is the perfect place to find your dream, luxury villa

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — The world that we live in today has become much more complex and stressful than it has ever been before. The pace at which technology and society develop and the constantly growing human population have brought new difficulties and possibilities to our daily lives.

Work has also become both comfortable and stressful for many people as the current global situation called for major changes in the workplace. Working from home is now part of the new normal and employees have to be way more effective than they used to be.

To beat stress, many choose to go to warm and budget friendly places, which are mostly found in Southeast Asia, especially in Thailand.

This has made the country popular among investors, and for planning to retire. But what does the market look like, and what does one need to know about the Thai luxury real estate?

The boom luxury real estate market in Thailand

Thailand can be considered a rich country in many ways. Besides tourism, other sectors like foreign investments and real estate are doing great.

Its luxury developments appear to be built on a monthly basis. The property boom and the high request of foreign investors have brought a huge variety of new projects to choose from.

Foreign investors now have more options than ever before and the quality has risen as well. There are many reputable real estate agencies in Phuket, which has a great selection of real estate properties.

Thailand may have the most remarkable beaches and paradise landscapes with great new projects being built every day, but the country's metropoles are interesting locations for luxury real estate investments as well. In the capital Bangkok, one can find a great number of breathtaking luxury apartments.

If you're looking for the right architect in Phuket Thailand, The OnlyOne Architecture Group is a great pick if you want to design or invest in a new Luxury Villa in Thailand.

Villas and mansions along the coastline

It's easy to understand that many business people who come from huge cities like Hong Kong, Moscow, London, Dubai, or New York are mostly not looking for a place in the center of Bangkok's chaotic urban life. Most look to Thailand's breathtaking beaches, coastlines, and islands in the south that attract millions of tourists and investors each year.

The landscape alone is already breathtaking — palm trees, coconuts, white sand, and tropical climate offer the perfect comfort for both young and old. Whether one wants to sit on the terrace, have a small dive in the pool, and enjoy the retirement in the sunshine, or just go for adventures and exploring the exciting coral reefs, flora, fauna, and experience exquisite Thai cuisine, the south of Thailand offers a heavenly lifestyle for those who can afford it.

Here's where the real estate sector finds the right place to create individual and modern real estate projects.

Architects from Thailand create contemporary projects that are pure palaces of light, space and luxury. On the prominent summit of the Chaweng Noi hillside for example, one can find a wonderful marvel of design. A fresh, contemporary 5-bedroom pool home offers the essence of high luxury hillside living at its best, with stunning panoramic ocean views across Chaweng Bay.

Projects like these - one can easily reach sizes of 2,500 to 6,000 square meters. They often offer breathtaking 360-degree panoramas across the beautiful Chaweng Noi Bay. The cost of such a luxurious mansion is usually better than the price of a simple 100 sq.m. apartment in Manhattan.

Landscape architecture in Thailand

Real luxury design and architecture require more than just the building of a house. Constructing those spacious villas with gardens and pool areas on the hillsides of Thailand's coastline needs a lot of engineering and the shaping of the environment.

Landscape architecture plays a big role in Thailand's luxury real estate sector. In Phuket and other popular places, investors are looking for more than just luxury and want their properties to be blending in with the environment.

Green luxury architecture is becoming more and more popular with a landscape architect — as well as ecologists, researchers and biologists — having a more active role as Thailand's real estate sector is slowly jumping on the green train that's vital in addressing climate change.

Thailand is one of the leading counties in matters of green and sustainable development in the region, which is another reason many investors choose it for buying real estate.

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