Why Andi Manzano-Reyes trusts NANKID® INFINIPRO® HA for her daughter, Amelia

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The former radio and TV personality shares how she gives her child a holistic advantage. Photo by NIKKI BONUEL

As children grow older and begin exploring the world on their own, parents realize that they can’t always be there for them in this exciting journey. So, to ensure their toddlers remain protected, parents begin laying down the foundations through their early life nutrition. However, this approach can vary per parent and child. Andi Manzano-Reyes, mother to three daughters, can attest to this. “I've been a mom for eight years. And I think as I have more children, [I] become more knowledgeable about the stuff with the different ages and seasons of motherhood,” shared Andi in an exclusive interview with CNN Philippines. “So, for me, when it comes to nutrition, you really have to seek what's best for your child.”

The best means protecting them in the present and holistically supporting how a child’s body develops. This could mean choosing milk formula that fights allergens and external viruses. Aside from fortifying immunity, parents should also consider how options can support their children’s growth in the long run, such as boosting metabolism, aiding digestion, and assisting in overall brain development so a child can be the best they can be. In a media congress held at the Marriott Hotel’s Grand Ballroom last September, Andi explained why she trusts Nestlé NANKID® INFINIPRO® HA for her four-year-old, Amelia, in all these areas.

Andi Manzano-Reyes speaks to members of the press about her team-up with Nestlé NANKID® INFINIPRO® HA at the media congress held at the Marriott Grand Ballroom. PHOTO BY NIKKI BONUEL

Having an aide such as NANKID® INFINIPRO® HA gives parents like Andi more confidence that their curious kids will be okay with their independent explorations. “As a parent, we want what's best for them,” she expressed. “With Amelia, she loves going to school. And when she has allergies, it really stops her from seeing her classmates, doing her worksheets, and doing arts and crafts. And for me, I know that [if] she's protected, she's able to all these things, being able to be exposed to all these different environments, I know [she'll be okay].”

According to Andi, parents still face daily hurdles when raising their children, especially when they suddenly get sick or have no appetite. But one challenge she emphasized is allergy season. “That's why choosing NANKID® was something I was so excited for because when I did my research, I knew that this was something Amelia would really need,” she expressed. “When it rains and shifts to hot, we get sniffles. But sometimes, kids who are also pandemic babies are more sensitive to viruses. I know, instantly, [Amelia]’s going to get sick. So that's why, when I found NANKID®, it was so important for me because it covers immunity, digestion, growth, brain development, and is hypoallergenic.”

Nestlé Philippines’ Consumer Marketing Manager Roan Tañafranca-Esguerra and Andi Manzano-Reyes speak to the press at the Nestlé NANKID® INFINIPRO® HA media congress. PHOTO BY NIKKI BONUEL

Choosing the right fit for Amelia had Andi researching hypoallergenic options through different resources, from reading online to consulting her fellow moms. With her experience, however, she also knew when to filter out information. “My pediatrician would always say, “Don't rely on Google. Ask me,’” recounted Andi. One of the brands that surfaced in her hunt was NANKID®. After learning about the additional support the five HMO*1 (human milk oligosaccharides) complex provided and reinforced by her pediatrician's recommendation, Andi found assurance in what NANKID® INFINIPRO ® HA offers.

Last year, NANKID® INFINIPRO® HA introduced its most scientifically advanced formula which incorporates the unique 5 HMO* (Human Milk Oligosaccharides) complex designed to support children’s immunity, growth, brain development, and digestion. These, together with NANKID®’s  exclusive nutrients of Partially Hydrolyzed Protein, which helps reduce the risk of allergies in children, and B. Lactis Probiotic, which helps strengthen a child’s immunity and digestion, NANKID® INFINIPRO® HA assists parents in giving their children a holistic advantage.

Andi Manzano-Reyes behind-the-scenes at the Nestlé NANKID® INFINIPRO® HA media congress held at the Marriott Grand Ballroom. PHOTO BY NIKKI BONUEL

Considering Amelia’s needs and development, NANKID® INFINIPRO® HA checks all the boxes that Andi sought to ensure her daughter receives optimum holistic support. Andi offered the same advice when hunting for the milk formula that suits their children’s needs. “Do your research; rely on brands that are also credible,” highlighted Andi.

Follow right behind Andi by discovering the holistic benefits of NANKID® INFINIPRO® HA here.

NANKID® INFINIPRO® HA FOUR is not a breast milk substitute but a growing-up milk specially suited for kids 3 years and older. Breastfeeding should continue for as long as possible.


* Not from human milk