8 holiday cocktails to make at home

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines Life) — This season of “Wholesome Meals Better Life” consists of eight episodes, each under a minute or less. The recipes are holiday-themed and easy for home viewers to recreate and enjoy at home during the Christmas season.

The CHOCOLATE PEPPERMINTINI is perfect for all the mint chocolate lovers out there. It mixes GSM PREMIUM GIN with fresh mint sprigs and chocolate syrup. Served in a glass frosted with crushed candy, this cocktail is an aromatic and sweet way to get into the holiday spirit.

The WHITE CHRISTMAS COLADA is a holiday version of the traditional piña colada. It combines GSM PREMIUM GIN with pineapple juice, milk, and a dash of cinnamon powder, which adds a Christmas twist to the familiar drink. This recipe is quick, refreshing, and easy to prepare for an at-home holiday celebration.

SANTA’S SPICED MIMOSA is a more adventurous take on the familiar cocktail. Replacing champagne with ANTONOV VODKA as a pairing for the orange juice, the real kick comes in when crushed ginger is added. It is sweetened with honey and topped with soda water to add that quintessential fizz.

The MERRY MANGO PANDAN is your favorite Filipino dessert in cocktail form. Using the quatro cantos GINEBRA SAN MIGUEL as the spirit, the drink combines mango and pandan flavors with clear soda to create a nostalgic cocktail that pairs well with any kakanin.

The HOLIDAY DALGONA takes the viral quarantine trend and turns it into the perfect cocktail to drink during Christmas day. GSM BLUE LIGHT GIN is the star, giving the cocktail a beautiful blue hued base. Layers are added with fluffy meringue-like dalgona coffee laying on top, and as the final touch, a dollop of whipped cream showered with red and green sprinkles.

THE GRINCH, unlike its namesake, is a drink that screams Christmas. It combines GSM BLUE LIGHT GIN, Kool-aid cherry powder, and green apple Gatorade to create a layer of green and red that marbles at the center. This cocktail is definitely photogenic, lending itself well to any Instagram feed.

A fruitier version of the classic Sling, the HOLLY JOLLY PRIMERA SLING is one of the easiest for home viewers to try at home. It combines PRIMERA LIGHT BRANDY with a variety of fruits, fruit-based juices and syrups to create a flavorful and refreshing drink.

The PRIMERA CHRISTMAS SUNRISE is a fun recipe to make because it calls for creating swirls on the glass with strawberry syrup, like an art piece. The cocktail itself is easy to make, pairing PRIMERA LIGHT BRANDY with fruit juices and topped with soda for that fizzy, festive kick.