Ana de Armas rescues Chris Evans after romantic gesture goes awry in 'Ghosted' trailer

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Ana de Armas and Chris Evans are seen here in 'Ghosted.' (Credit: From Apple TV+/Youtube)

(CNN) — Chris Evans and Ana de Armas are back in action.

Four years after co-starring in the 2019 murder mystery "Knives Out," the actors have teamed back up in the Apple TV+ movie "Ghosted," where they have to work their way out of a romantic gesture gone awry.

The trailer for "Ghosted" dropped on Monday and shows Evans and de Armas's initial meet-cute, leading to what appears to be a hopeful first date.

"I know this sounds crazy but I think she might be the one," Evans tells a friend in the trailer.

That hope fizzles once Evans comes to terms with the possibility that he's been ghosted, a term used to describe a scenario in which a person cuts off communication without any explanation.

Evans then finds himself in London after a character, played by Amy Sedaris, urges him to "go to her."

Once overseas, Evans learns his dream girl's life is more complicated than he initially thought. After getting kidnapped and subsequently rescued by de Armas, she reveals she's with the CIA. Chaos ensues as the couple is seen jumping out of a plane, traversing what looks like a deserted island and dodging bullets while dressed to the nines.

"You got me kidnapped and tortured all after one date," Evans says to de Armas.

"You're the one who flew to London," de Armas replies.

De Armas has been busy lately. The "Blonde" actress was nominated for her first best actress Oscar for her role in the Marilyn Monroe biopic that started streaming on Netflix last year. Evans' most recent project was the 2022 Netflix movie "The Gray Man."

"Ghosted" will be available to stream on Apple TV+ on April 20.

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