How a Filipino-Argentinian actress broke into the K-pop scene and what makes her group Lapillus unique

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, June 22) — Fresh from their much-anticipated debut, the members of K-pop girl group Lapillus shared on Wednesday what sets them apart from other 4th generation idols.

Filipino-Argentinian actress Chantal "Chanty" Videla who starred in several TV shows in the Philippines and "Girls Planet 999" Japanese contestant Nonaka Shana were the first two members who were revealed.

Completing Lapillus are Chinese-American vocalist Yue, South Korean singer-rapper Bessie, and South Korean rapper-dancer Haeun — who is among the youngest idols to debut at only 13 years old (international age).

Chanty shared what she believes is the rookie group's charm, something that could help Lapillus make it big internationally.

"We're so diverse, we come from different backgrounds, we speak many languages so if we go to a certain country, we can possibly communicate with our fans there," the quadrilingual artist told CNN Philippines in their group interview.

The 19-year-old vocalist added, "We all have different colors and styles. Because of that we're able to create a unique vibe and concept. We are also doing our best to try out as many concepts as we can."

Lapillus on Monday released their debut single "Hit Ya!" under MLD Entertainment, the label that managed third gen K-pop girl group Momoland.

Being a foreigner training to become a K-pop idol is no easy road, Yue shared. Aside from the challenges of learning a completely different language, they all had to endure being miles away from their families at a young age.

"As a foreigner, we couldn't go back home a lot so we miss our parents a lot, but we also have to follow our dreams," she disclosed. "So there is internal conflict that we had to go through."

Chanty, who appeared in ABS-CBN TV shows "Starla" and "Hiwaga ng Kambat" and was part of the Star Magic Circle Batch 2018, also revealed how she was able to enter the competitive K-pop industry.

She said she was referred by her father's Korean friend to the management of MLD Entertainment.

"There was a time our CEO has been looking for a possible Filipina member for his future Korean girl group," Chanty recalled. "My dad's Korean friend happened to say, 'Oh what about this girl?' That was the chain reaction."