Strong customer relationships, Lazada's seller tools and resources pushed these small businesses to the next level

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In the photo (L-R): Michael dela Cruz of Jophiel's Collection, Juvy Apura of Vy On Style, and Joven Ganaden of MR mabenta. Photo from Lazada

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — Kickstarting and scaling your business is no easy feat. And for these three inspiring entrepreneurs, eCommerce pioneer Lazada has been pivotal in taking their small businesses to the next level.

Michael dela Cruz of Jophiel's Collection, Joven Ganaden of MR mabenta, and Juvy Apura of Vy On Style all took a leap of faith to be able to give their families a better future, through hard work and Lazada’s wide range of tools that empower anyone to be an entrepreneur.

Jophiel's Collection

Michael dela Cruz, owner of Jophiel's Collection, and his family. Photo from Lazada

Michael, for instance, had no experience in running a business. He put up his footwear store Jophiel’s Collection during the height of the pandemic by circumstance, after his work as a wedding video editor came to a screeching halt.

Searching for answers, Michael turned to his in-laws who have been manufacturing sandals for 20 years. They, too, were impacted by the pandemic when their partners closed shop. Michael thought of helping both of their causes by selling the products online, paving the way for the launch of Jophiel’s Collection.

“From a one-man team, now more than 10 na kami,” he says, adding that his shop has added a wider range of footwear selections.

The business was such a hit that Jophiel’s Collection crossed the 1-million-peso mark in sales in just six months. He adds that their small business continues to do well — keeping up with the latest trends in fashion and crafting custom-made pairs that cater to the needs of their loyal customers.

Some of the footwears available at Jophiel's Collection. Photo from Lazada

Michael credits Lazada’s vital role in his success. He vouches for the platform as the best choice to kickstart a business, pointing to its wide and established customer base. He adds that the tools and resources Lazada provides also makes it much easier to start and scale small businesses. Today, the shop has even expanded to supplying to resellers.

Through Lazada, Michael also got a new definition for success. "It’s not even about having money or any material thing anymore," he says. "Rather, it’s being able to enjoy the luxury of spending time with the family while making a living."

MR mabenta

Joven Ganaden, owner of MR mabenta, and his family. Photo from Lazada

It’s the same winning approach that brought great things to Joven Ganaden of motorcycle parts shop MR mabenta. Set on giving the best for his family no matter the cost, Joven worked as a garbage collector, a courier, including for Lazada, and a wet market vendor.

It was during one his deliveries as a Lazada rider, however, when Joven got the idea of transitioning into online selling.

Meron akong pinipick-upan na seller, nakikita ko kung gaano siya ka-successful, kung gaano ka-kumportable ang buhay niya,” he says. “In-encourage niya din ako maging seller nun, kaya na-inspire ako at nag-decide na magbenta sa Lazada.”

MR mabenta orders being prepared to be shipped to customers. Photo from Lazada

Joven chose to sell motorcycle parts. After almost four years of being a full-time Lazada seller, he has been able to acquire his own property. Joven also bought a car after a month of selling inflatable swimming pools during the summers in lockdown, recognizing that people missed going to swimming trips.

Of all the support he gets from Lazada in running his business, Joven trusts Lazada Sponsored Solutions. The program is a comprehensive suite of paid visibility tools that help drive effective exposure and conversion for brands and sellers.

Vy On Style

Juvy Apura, owner of Vy on Style. Photo from Lazada

Much like those who approach Joven in the hopes of replicating his accomplishments, Juvy Apura of women’s clothing shop Vy On Style wanted to achieve more.

After working in the manufacturing industry for 15 years, Juvy started attending to her family full-time in 2018 when she gave birth to her third child. But she always believed that she could contribute more to her family.

“I love being a mom, pero marami pa akong kayang gawin bukod sa paglalaba, luto, plantsa, at iba pang gawaing bahay,” she says. “Kaya nag-set ako ng goal na makatulong sa husband ko. Talagang motivated ako to build a business that time, at nakilala ko si Lazada.”

With a strong resolve that she could excel in online selling, Juvy began selling everything from clothes to food. She then tapped into her inner fashionista and focused on women’s apparel. Juvy recalls Vy On Style’s first hit product being the Chalis terno coordinates, a versatile “pambahay-pangalis” outfit. From there, the shop’s offerings grew more wide-ranging, including plus-size collections and other items.

A product from Vy On Style. Photo from Lazada

“I came from literally zero from 2020 when I started, and now I have 7,000 followers and counting with good ratings,” she says, adding she hit 3 million in sales last year. This year, Juvy is aiming for a million per quarter.

It’s a goal made possible through the massive reach of Lazada. Juvy says her business grew from “parang kaliwaan lang ang sales” to catering nationwide. She also credits Lazada’s easy and efficient logistics services that streamlined her operations.

“Success, for me, is a five-star review on my page,” she says. “Customers being happy and satisfied with the services and products that I offer is the meaning of success to me as a business owner.”

For all the support it provides, Lazada serves as the preferred destination for MSMEs to start and grow their business. The platform is a bona fide partner of sellers with a range of tools and resources that help them thrive, including charging 0% commission for new sellers for up to 3 months. Couple these with best-in-class technology and a supportive community, it’s easy to see why dreamers turn to Lazada.

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