Duterte: 'Missionaries' now spreading 'ISIS disease' in PH

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President Rodrigo Duterte speaks to members of the First Infantry Division.

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) —  He has said it before, but now President Rodrigo Duterte gives some details about his warning on a looming problem of terrorism in the Philippines in the next few years.

Speaking to troops of the 1st Infantry Division in Labangan, Zamboanga del Sur on Wednesday, Duterte said some foreigners had already come to some parts of Mindanao — supposedly as missionaries.

"May taong puti and I suppose mga Arabo na. They are here as missionaries Wala silay armas  [There were white people, I suppose Arabs, who are here as missionaries. They brought no weapons]."

But the President said the group had a different mission.

"They are into indoctrination," Duterte said.

Speaking in Bisaya, Duterte said this was something to be afraid of — as he compared how ISIS and communists condition the mind of the people.

"Like communists, if they have established their influence, then that's the time their political officers come in," he said.

Therefore, Duterte said, these propagandists must be arrested before they could gain followers among the Muslim insurgents and "contaminate [them] with ISIS disease."

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The President said he wanted an additional 20,000 soldiers on the ground to prepare for any eventuality.

If the problem was not addressed, the ISIS menace could be the the country's next problem in three to seven years, according to Duterte.

The military and the police had previously denied the presence of ISIS in the country. It can be recalled that the President's eldest son — Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo — had made a similar statement last month regarding the alleged local presence of the terrorist group but the city police chief said this information was unconfirmed.

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The commander-in-chief also repeated his promise that he would not let soldiers be at a disadvantage in the battlefield — adding that he had told the Defense Secretary to acquire quality weapons for the troops.

Salary hike happening now

The statement that drew the loudest applause was when Duterte told soldiers that they would be receiving a 40% pay hike within the month.

As promised, he said another tranche of 40% increase would be happening in December "para doblado" [so salaries would have doubled].

Duterte said he would only ask for the soldiers' loyalty — not to him but to the country.

CNN Philippines' Yumi Lugod and Camille Abadicio contributed to this report.