Inconsistencies in Kian Delos Santos autopsy found – forensic expert

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, February 3) — A forensic pathologist revealed that the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Public Attorneys Office (PAO) did not properly examine drug war victim Kian Delos Santos’ remains and noted several inconsistencies.

In a press conference on Thursday, Dr. Raquel Fortun noted new findings after re-examining the 17-year-old boy’s body who was killed in 2017 by cops at the height of the Duterte administration’s Oplan Tokhang.

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The forensic expert slammed the PNP’s report, saying it was too crammed up and almost had no information on it.

“Ang shortcut, may cause of death na. The end. Wala ng laman, wala ng laman ang kanilang autopsy report,” Fortun said while showing pictures of the report.

[Translation: The shortcut, there was already a cause of death. The end. There was nothing, their autopsy report had nothing in it.]

She added that the first autopsy only made surface cuts on Delos Santos’ body, signifying that the remains were not properly examined as the cuts were only for external examination.

“What about the autopsy? Naalala niyo dinocument may hiwa dito? Akala mo autopsy. Kunwari lang pala. Hiniwa lang yung balat. I see this a lot. Kunwari,” she said.

“The stomach contains 200cc of digested food particles. Ayan bola yan," Fortun added. "Kasi paano mong nakita kung anong contents ng stomach kung hindi mo naman binuksan.”

[Translation: What about the autopsy? Do you remember that a cut here was documented? You may think it was an autopsy. It was all pretense. They just cut the skin. I see this a lot. The stomach contains 200cc of digested food particles. This is deceiving. How can you see the stomach’s contents if you didn’t open it?]

While PAO’s autopsy had pictures and measurements, Fortun believed their examination was also superficial, also noting only entry holes and surface incisions on the trunk area.

Fortun also revealed that she found a bullet on the boy’s "neck region" through an X-Ray.

The bullet that the expert believed could be matched to the gun that was used were not reported in autopsies previously done by the agencies.

“It's very important kasi this can be connected to a gun which was in possession, which was fired by someone," she said.

"But how many years late are we? Five years," she added. "This is useless if we don't have something to compare it with.”

Fortun also called for help from international forensic scientists that could help the investigation.

“Asan kaya yung mga baril na involved?" she said. "Ang sabi sa akin nasunog. So anong gagawin natin diyan? Hindi ko alam. Kaya paulit-ulit sinasabi ko, I need help from the international forensic science community.”

[Translation: Where are the guns involved? I was told it was burned. So what do we do with this? I don’t know. This is why I have repeatedly said I need help from the international forensic science community.]

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After the International Criminal Court authorized its prosecutor to resume the probe into drug war killings under former president Rodrigo Duterte, the government still insists that the justice system is working and resists cooperating with the international body. 

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