Duterte: '3 in 5 of my statements are just nonsense'

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President Rodrigo Roa Duterte lauds the Bureau of Customs (BOC) for its continuing anti-corruption drive in his keynote address during the 115th Anniversary celebration of BOC at the Port of Manila on February 8, 2017.

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — President Rodrigo Duterte said Wednesday that people shouldn't read too deeply into what he says.

"Eh sa limang salita, dalawa lang yung tama niyan, yung tatlo puro kalokohan 'yan," Duterte said in a speech at the anniversary of the Bureau of Customs. "I'm just fond of doing it. Gusto ko lang tumawa, at the expense also of myself sometimes."

[Translation: Of five statements, only two are true, while three are full of nonsense. I'm just fond of doing it. I just want to laugh, at the expense of myself sometimes.]

Duterte's sense of humor has frequently made international headlines.

Last year, the President said he was only kidding when he threatened to pull the Philippines out of the United Nations after the international body criticized his war on drugs.

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When he was a presidential candidate, Duterte was criticized for joking about raping an Australian missionary who was taken hostage, raped and eventually executed by prisoners in Davao City in 1989.

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He later apologized for the remark.

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Media not used to me

Duterte also said in his speech that the media are not used to the way he talks.

"They said that, 'You know Duterte is a little bit off his rocker because he claims to have talked to God.'" he said. "Well, that is not really a problem. The problem would be if God starts to talk to me."

"You can always communicate verbally even verbose," Duterte added. "There is nothing wrong with it and if you say that God said that, well, nagloloko lang talaga ako [I'm really just kidding]. But you know these media people, they are not really attuned to my character."

Duterte had said on the trip home from his official visit to Japan last year that he heard God telling him that He would crash the plane if he didn't stop swearing.

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"I promised God not to express slang, cuss words," he told the audience at the Davao International Airport lounge before taking questions from the media.

Duterte eventually said this was also a joke.

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However, the President told CNN Philippines in a one-on-one interview that there is one way of knowing if he is telling the truth or kidding around.

"Look at my eyes," he said. "Look at my rage."

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NUJP: Duterte has duty to 'speak clearly'

But the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) said the President must be clear when he talks.

"May mga pagkakataon naman po para sa biro o sa kalokohan," the group said in a statement in December 2016. "Subalit dahil kayo ang Pangulo, ang inyong mga pahayag sa publiko ay aming itinuturing — at dapat lamang ituring — na patakaran ng inyong pamahalaan."

[Translation: There are times to joke around. But since you are the President, your statements to the public are what we must rightly consider as policies of your government.]

The NUJP also said Duterte's statements could serve as basis for doing evil acts.

"Dagdag pa, marami rin sa inyong masusugid na tagasuporta ang nagtuturing ding atas at utos maging ang inyong mga biro at gamitin ang mga ito bilang dahilan para sa mga karumaldumal na hangarin ng mga kriminal at tiwali sa loob at labas ng gobyerno," the group said.

[Translation: In addition, many of your avid supporters consider even your jokes as orders and use these as reasons for doing criminal acts and corrupt deeds inside and outside of the government.]

The group also said the President should understand that the media take their job of reporting on him seriously.

"Seryoso po kami sa aming gawain at tungkulin naming ituring na seryoso at iulat [ng] tapat ang anumang namumutawi sa bibig ng Pangulo," it said. "Huwag po ninyong baliktarin ang kaayusan ng pananagutang maging malinaw, Mr. President."

[Translation: We are serious in our duty to seriously and truthfully report whatever comes out of the President's mouth. Please do not skirt your duty to be clear, Mr. President.]