Duterte: I have daily migraines, Buerger's disease

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WATCH: A closer look at President Duterte's health

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — President Rodrigo Duterte discussed his health condition on Monday, saying he experiences bouts of migraine, aside from suffering from a rare disorder called Buerger's disease.

In his speech at the Wallace Business Forum in Malacañang yesterday, the President said he is having severe headaches and spinal issues.

"I have this migraine every day. I had a bad slip the last one was this... and I hit the cement," he said.

Duterte said he prefers not to have surgery as something might go wrong with the operation.

"I have a lot of issues with my spinal... My doctor would want to operate. But you know my wife was a nurse and she used to work in the US. She said a lot of operations for the spinal that went awry, that went wrong," he said.

The President also brushed aside rumors he had cancer.

Duterte said he had Buerger's disease — a disorder affecting blood vessels.

"Don't believe in cancer. What I have is Buerger's disease. It's an acquired thing that you get when smoking because of nicotine. Nicotine constricts the vessels. Alcohol dilates the vessels," he said.

The disease, which is usually found in heavy cigarette and tobacco smokers, constricts blood vessels. It causes veins and arteries to swell, producing clots that block blood from reaching extremities.

In severe cases, the disorder can cause extreme pain. Left unchecked, Buerger's disease may lead to skin damage, infection, and in severe cases, gangrene.

Duterte had earlier come clean about his condition during the campaign. But questions continue to hound his health.

Aside from the cancer issue, there were also rumors in November he passed out before attending a meeting in Malacañang.

In June, Duterte criticized a journalist who pressed him about his health and asked for his medical records.

The President also missed several appointments because of migraine.

Despite this, the Palace is assuring the public that Duterte is fit to attend to his duties.

It adds the President is in good shape.